The snack bar

The patati-patate snack

A snack that meets several essential criteria:

Important values for us: The defence and valorisation of local products (short circuits), preferably labelled organic or meeting good environmental qualities, home-made products, prices accessible to all.

The Bar: Beers, coffee, teas, chocolate, fruit juices, sodas, wines, cider, syrups:

The concept

Since our opening in 2020 we have been offering home-made Chips in the summer. However, due to soaring oil prices, the current oil shortage and our refusal to pass on the increased costs to our campers, we will not be offering Chips this year, 2022, and we are sorry about that.

BUT: we're keeping the fries! we're keeping the potato!

 The snack bar will still offer something to break the fast food fast, the Food Truck "La Cantina" will be with us from Wednesday to Sunday and our neighbouring restaurant owners from Bielle and its surroundings will also be there to welcome you!


It's good, that's all! (carnivores/vegetarians/flexitarians/vegan).


Home fries: Not present this year.

Directly from the local shepherds and pork butchers: sale in the form of a board to be tasted on the spot and/or to take away.

HOMEMADE TABBOULEH : Fresh and local products: available on site and to take away.

For whom?

All the clients of the campsite, all the people passing through who wish to stop by, all the locals who wish to greet us and stop for a moment of relaxation.


From 5 July to 31 August

+ La Cantina": Latin cuisine: Quesadillas and stewed dishes from South America. Products from small local producers. Evenings from Wednesday to Sunday until August 25th.

Bar/ice cream parlour open from 8am to 9pm from 5 June to 30 August. Good bread is baked on site in July/August and available on order the day before.

 Bar/ice-cream parlour open from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 19.00 from 15 April to 30 June and from 26 August to 30 September.

The snack menu

From 1 July.
All our dishes are homemade, made from fresh and mostly local products. All our containers are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable: please dispose of them in the appropriate bins and return the glass jars to the snack bar for washing!

Individual jars or trays to eat in or take away

  • Tabbouleh of the day 5.5 €

Charcuterie and/or cheese board

  • Small 9 €
  • Great 16 €


  • Local gherkin pâté 5 €
  • Local sheep's cheese 5 €
  • Goat's cheese, onion marmalade 5 €

Homemade Chips: ABSENT THIS YEAR

  • 0€