cabin rental

Sleeping in a wooden hut

4 cabins to choose from

Made in France and with French wood.
Design and atypical structures for responsible tourism.
Comfort/comfort after your hikes.
Small budget all seasons for your stops (alone or with others).
Late reception possible for cyclists or hikers. (On call and presence of the managers)

Cabins stage Camping Ayguelade 64

The stage hut

The Cabane étape dedicated to cyclists and walkers and passenger campers
Structure on stilts in natural Douglas fir with a bedroom (3 mattresses 70 x 190 cm). An opening skylight of 40 x 70 cm to contemplate the starry nights and breathe the refreshing night air! Electricity included.
Rate: 28€/night


- Anchor for bicycle lock
Safety lockś

- Indoor and outdoor lighting
Power socket
Socket for VAE

- 3 single mattresses
Sliding table with sheltered seating
Dormer window and wooden shutter
Storage units with latches